What is an accidental click? Edit

An accidental click is operational accident that occurs when a mouse button is operated without the intention of the user. For example, a user may cause an accidental click, whilst trying to move the pointer across an area of the screen, or whilst trying to operate the scroll button.

Touchpad click Edit

An accidental click can occur due to an operator placing their finger onto a touchpad during operation of the computer.

Mouse clicks following a focus stealing event Edit

An accidental click can also occur due to focus stealing occuring during operation of the computer. However, this is not categorized as an accidental click for the purposes of this documentation.

Preventing accidental click Edit

Using a better mouse Edit

A system fitted with a mouse that has weak or badly placed mouse buttons may be prone to accidental click events. A mouse that requires considerable force to activate the mouse button may help in reducing accidental click.

Using a trackerball Edit

Using a joystick Edit