evilwm Edit

The evilwm window manager is awkward to use because it requires the use of both the keyboard and the mouse for operation and windows do not become raised when they are clicked on. Moving and resizing of windows is awkward, because this cannot be achieved by dragging the window borders, and a resize operation can only be achieved by using both the keyboard and the mouse simultaneously.

The window manager makes extensive use of keys, and a new user will probably need a list of keys at the terminal. There is no desktop context events, and an operator needs to know how to launch a terminal session. The window manager has a good set of keyboard controls and the keymappings have been well thought out. The keys are not configurable and currently a mouse is required for resizing windows.

The evilwm window manager is not accessibility friendly because it does not provide keyboard equivalents for some of its operations and is not touchscreen friendly because it requires a multibutton mouse.